6 Seasonal Decor Ideas That Won’t Fall Flat

As the weather cools down and the stifling summer heat is replaced with crisp air, we love switching over to décor that evokes feelings of warmth, coziness, and comfort. But rather than the tired old tropes of fall foliage prints and rusty-hued color palettes, we prefer modern takes that feel fresh and refined while still embracing everything we love about the autumn season.

1. Plaid theme

Consider incorporating plaid as a theme instead of the typical harvest prints often used in fall décor. Striking yet subtle, plaid patterns in deep, rich colors can feel sophisticated and less obvious.


 2. Monochromatic colors  

The simplest way to instantly modernize a classic is to update the color theme with a monochromatic palette, which gives you the chance to use some of your favorite fall elements in a sleek setting.


3. Mini caramel apples

Cake pops have become a staple at most events and are no longer a sweet surprise. If you love the idea of aesthetically pleasing bite-sized treats, delight your guests with mini caramel apples instead.

4. Oktoberfest beers and pretzels

When it comes to setting up a bar that suits the season, an Oktoberfest theme with ice cold beers and chewy, salty pretzels is a lovely way to keep your party fun without feeling too kitschy.


5. Deconstructed S’mores 

S’mores may be delicious but they aren’t always classy or practical to serve. A deconstructed version of this campfire classic honors the beloved treat, minus the mess.


6.Fall color furniture

The right furniture can elegantly tie together your theme without being over the top. Select key pieces upholstered in a luxe fabric like velvet, or in variations of seasonal colors that complement your décor. Here are some of our seasonal picks: 


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