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Ruth Fischl Event Rental carries a rich history with over 25 years of unparalleled event rentals and designs, founded by Ruth Fischl herself. Ruth built a legendary event rental of the finest furniture, props and linens customized for grand occasions of any scale. With a combination of her artistic talents, creativity and flair with the ultimate training at Parsons, Ruth took event rentals to the next level. Starting out with designing upscale linens for corporate and party industries, Ruth branched out and created for herself a prominent name in the party industry. Her designs and ideas are breathtaking, which attract and please customers from all over, currently servicing NY, NJ, CT, MA and DC.

Ruth’s products and designs are unique and exclusive, fashioned with her passion and determination. Ruth wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect while providing luxury furniture, props and linens to create the event of your dreams. She catered her talents and products to major events across the country, working with top designers, premier event planners and event planning departments of Fortune 500 companies. Ruth Fischl designs were featured in Grace Ormond’s magazines; Marriage and Wedding Style, Bride Magazine and The Bachelor and CBS Morning show, among many others.

Ruth’s vision is currently being carried on by the second generation of Fischls. As a master in design, Ruth gave over her ideas and knowledge to the next generation. With her original styles and fresh upgrades, the event rental now runs on Ruth’s strong foundations and is advancing in Ruth’s fashion with the present talented and devoted team. Ruth Fischl Event Rental continues to be a leading name in the event rental industry today, creating extravagant events and sensational parties that thrill our clients.